The video undeniably became a major asset on the Internet. 

Smartphones made a revolution in our lives. It’s a save bet that after having transformed the landscape of the photography, the more and more powerful smartphones will transform our approach of watching videos. The expansion of certain video visioning websites, like VINE or Instagram Vidéo… are perfect examples of it. 

By taking a bet on the future, we want to explore the new possibilities together with other companies and share knowledge and ideas with our customers.

All the studies about the behavior on the net show a spectacular growth of the use of websites with audio visual content :

statisique wrpmobileMore than 35 % of sales on e-commerce web-sites make use of embedded videos.  

60 % prefer to see a video rather than reading a text.                                                  

50 % remember the video, against 22 % for the text.

The average time spent on a website with video content is 350 seconds, instead of 42 seconds for the text. A page containing video content is 40% better referenced than a page not containing any.

It is necessary to understand that today the new generation consumes video, and text for them is like a disturbance in the reading of a web page. The last years the use of smartphones and tablets is still developing, so the expectation is that the number of mobile Internet users, which is now equivalent to traditional number of Internet users, will even exceed them in the next years.

Among the internet users on tablets, 72 % make researches of some practical information. 

And 63 % of them consume video for such purposes.

In 2014, more than 50 % of the phones will be a smartphone.

That makes, for example, 27,8 million users (Arcep source).



We develop for you applications for videos easy to use, entirely managed by your smartphone. Whether it is an application for announcements of your real estate properties, sale of second-hand cars, or testimonies of customers, we accompany you to create your video application which will make the difference on the market and will give you a step ahead, on your competitors.