Once my video edited by my smartphone, where is it posted ?

All your videos are posted by default on YouTube.

We chose YouTube for several reasons:

YouTube it is the 3rd Web-site of the World

The 2nd search engine behind Google

How does the Video application work ?

It is very simple:

The user follows a completely guided route, he fills the fields which have to be filled, then he films, once the number of the plans realized and the music chosen, the application is going to encode the video independently and upload the video automatically on YouTube. We recommend you to be in WiFi for this operation.

At no time an external server intervenes.

Who can use my application ?

It belongs to you to define who has the access to the application : you, your stuff, the whole World…

If it’s only for you, we realize a unique application compatible only on your personal smartphone.

If the application has to be used by your stuff : we will set up a safety device personalized for each of your collaborators, this device must be developed in partnership with your IT service.

If you decide that the access to it should be available in the whole World : we will put the application on the necessary blinds like AppStore or Google Store.

Who manages your videos ?

You. We provide you with a video application connected to a YouTube channel. Then, you are the only moderator, it’s up to you to control that your videos respect your charters and the ones of YouTube.

Can we broadcast our video somewhere else that on YouTube ?

In theory yes, then everything depends on the video platform on which you wish to broadcast, because it is possible that certain platforms do not make Upload by Mobile possible. In this case, We have to make tests before giving you a definitive answer.